There are a number of ways to get WSRFC garments:

1. Wait until somebody announces a jersey order. They are normally placed in spring and fall season. Somebody will collect money and put in a team order.

2. Buy whatever it is you want and have it embroidered with the Suburbs logo. (See below, towards the end of this article.)

Suburbs Jersey Variants

There are a number of Western Suburbs jersey variants - all worn with black shorts and black socks:

1. The traditional "hooped club jersey" is a Barbarians-style black and white jersey in 6" hoops. (Click here for an image.) This has the Suburbs logo on the left breast, usually black embroidery thread on a white hoop. This is what we used to wear a lot. WSRFC has placed orders for these through Matt Godek and Rugby Imports - both have our embroidery tape and can furnish jerseys. (Note: The Rugby Imports jerseys are manufactured by Halbro, and were considered too lightweight a fabric to be useful for play. They also run small. The Godek jerseys are made by Maxmore.)

2. The black and white Guinness reverse quarters are the current "team set" (the set that the a-side matches are played in). Click here for an image. These are 100% cotton, and made by Barbarian, and have black WSRFC logo embroidery on the left breast and the Guinness logo, in gold, on the right breast. (This is recognition of the fact that Guinness bought us a team set.) The number in back is gold and "tackle twill" sewn onto the jersey.

3. The Suburbs Old Boys play in a solid black jersey with white collar. The logo on these is in white thread. Jersey wear for old boys play is less regulated than for club play - I have seen players in All-Blacks jerseys, solid black with no logos, no numbers at all or the occasional jersey with an SOB's script under the WS logo. If you want to play Old Boys just get a black jersey.

4. The Suburbs b-side used to be called "the Fairfax Reds" - and wore a solid red, cotton/poly jersey with a gold WSRFC logo on the left breast and a gold Guinness logo on the left. (This is because Guinness bought us a team set.) These don't get a lot of use any more.

4. We also have a team set of blue and gold jerseys that used to be designated for a c-side; as of this writing (3/06) these are in reasonable shape and get used from time to time. But we don't recommend that you replicate these.


The most flexible solution is to obtain garments from wherever you want at the lowest price you can negotiate and get the embroidery put on separately. You can bring in literally anything you want - jerseys, polo shirts, shorts, jock straps, whatever - to Sam's Monogram in Springfield, and for $10 Walter ("Sam" is really a family acronym) will place this on your clothing. It can be in any color you like, so if you want you can bring in, say, a gold jersey and have purple embroidery placed on it. Walter Baumann does superior work (click here): this scan shows a black jersey I got from Godek on sale for $20. Walter placed the embroidery on it as a test - note the thick, full, easy-to-read stitching - and now I have a pre-washed jersey of the right size and style for Old Boys play.

Walter's wife Pat can do heat-transferred numbers for jerseys, too. She has a variety of colors and styles, and it's not expensive at all. (I think a couple of bucks, but ask.)

The address for Sam's Monogram is 7060 Spring Garden Dr. (in the Brookfield Plaza), Springfield, VA 22150, (703)866-4400 or 1-800-541-0414. You get there by taking the beltway to 95 South, then get off on Old Keene Mill Rd. (644 West). Follow the sign to Backlick Road south (you want to go over the bridge), then take a right onto Spring Garden Dr. Click here for a map of the downtown Springfield area.

Walter says his turnaround time for piece work is about a week or so, but you'll want to call first to see if he's finished. He's very busy, as you will see by entering his store.

Don't want to drive to Springfield to have your embroidery done? Fine. Download the embroidery tape (it's here) onto a floppy disk, and take it into an embroiderer near you. Tell him it's in Tajima format - this is a standard for embroidery machines - and work out a deal with him to do piece work embroidering. (Warning: you may have to pay a set-up fee for this or to add or change text.) Without any alteration or adding, this file will produce this logo. But I'll tell you right now, you probably won't get better service than you will with Walter. I have done many embroidery orders with him and found him to be quick and reasonably-priced.

NOTE: Western Suburbs paid for this file to be made - it's ours and we can do anything we want with it. A Guinness embroidery is a different subject - we own an embroidery file for this and it's at Sam's, but it can only be used in conjunction with the Suburbs logo. Some embroiderers may have a problem putting it onto clothing without Guinness's permission. (Guinness logo clothing is a multi-billion dollar a year worldwide business.)

How to care for your Boathouse Jacket

(This gets shipped with a jacket order)

General Care

- Hang all wet garments to dry after use in rain or wash
- Do not leave wet garments balled up in bag or locker


- All garments should be washed in COLD water. Rinse temp should not exceed wash cycle by more than ten degrees.
- Wash with mild detergent (pH under 10.0). i.e. Ivory or Biz.
- DO NOT use chlorine bleach (attention, Jesse and Harry) or any form of bleaching agent, whitener, brightener or laundry booster.


- For best results garment should be hung to drip dry.
- Use lowest temp or "air setting."


Restoring water-repellency

- After numerous wearings of your garment in the rain or washing you may notice the water is not "beading" as much on the fabric. Your Teflon HT finish is not gone; it's simply absorbed into the fabric. To restore the beading quality simply:

- Place your garment ina dryer, on medium temp (100 degrees) for 10 minutes


- Iron your garment at very low temperature with a towel between the garment and the iron.

Questions? Call Boathouse at 1-800-875-1883 or e-mail them at